Cards are the main way that Trello organizes and keeps track of your tasks. If you’re like me, you probably have a lot of cards on your Trello board that you don’t need anymore.

In this blog post are the instructions for when you want to clean up your board and permanently delete some of those cards.

How to delete cards in Trello

To delete a card in Trello, you must first archive it.

Open the card and click on the “Archive” button at the bottom right corner of the card options.

You will notice the top of the card shows “This card is archived” and the Archive button turns to “Delete”.

If you are sure you want to delete the card permanently, click on the Delete button and confirm the deletion.

If you are unsure about ever needing the card again, simply archive it so you can recover if necessary. Once you delete a card, it is gone for good.

For a full tutorial on the Trello basics, check out this post!