Are you looking for a way to easily copy a Trello board? Well, look no further!

In this blog post, I will show you how to do just that.

How to copy a board in Trello

Often you need to create a new Trello board that is very similar to one you are already using. This is a great time to use the copy board feature.

Copying an entire board to a different board is an easy way to create new boards that use the same or similar lists and cards. You can copy an existing board or use a pre-made Trello template to save time while working on your projects. You can also change your cards and adjust your lists as needed when you are copying a board.

Follow these simple steps to copy your board:

1. Go to the board you want to copy

Trello Board

2. Click on the Show menu option at the top right of the board

How to Copy a Trello Board

3. Click on More

Trello Board Menu More

4. Click on ‘Copy Board’

How to Copy a Trello Board

5. Choose the keep the cards in the new board or remove them.

Trello Copy Board Options

For a full tutorial on the Trello basics, check out this post!