Are you hunched over your laptop in an Airbnb, with an aching neck? If you wish you had a proper WFH setup, we are here to help.

If you’re not sitting somewhere other than your home, odds are you wish you were. A year into this ‘Covid thing’ and you’ve probably figured out how to WFH (congrats!). But dear g-d wouldn’t it be nice to get away and work someplace else for a bit? If only you could bring your WFH setup with you…

More good news for America this week: NOW YOU CAN!

Meet Portage.

We offer high-quality, like-new goods on-demand, so you can enjoy those love-to-have but hate-to-pack items when away from home. We’ve searched far and wide for products travellers need and want on the road, but often leave behind to avoid hassle. We think you can pack less, do more, and travel without compromise. We are your WFA Starter Pack.

This week we’re unveiling our Work From Anywhere (WFA) pack, which includes everything you’ll need to feel like a boss in your borrowed digs:

At $10/day (plus $10 for shipping), the full kit is delivered to your door via FedEx. Returns are hassle free.  And if you’re looking for more WFH upgrades, add a seat cushion to your order — your spine will thank you!  

Here’s how it works. 

  • Step 1: place an order on our site for our work from anywhere kit. (And if you’re feeling festive, feel free to add on any fitness, personal care, or baby products you may need). 
  • Step 2: Unbox your goods and enjoy (keep the shipping box, tape & pre-printed label)
  • Step 3: When you’re ready to head out, place your goods back in the box, seal it up, slap on the return label, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our best WFA Hacks

Looking for more ways to elevate your workation? Here are some of our favorite WFA hacks:

  1. Make sure your destination has a quiet place with a desk-like surface! You’ll want a dedicated space to keep productive and hop on video meetings without worrying about outside noise and an unprofessional backdrop.
  1. Set a good schedule. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about working from home this year, it’s that lines get blurred FAST.  Commit to a clear start-time, and a clear “I am now turning off my computer” time.  Block your calendar for lunch and get up to walk around. Or you’ll end up hangrily crushing CLIF bars at 2:30pm, cursing the crumbs on your keyboard.  
  1. Clarify the connectivity situation prior to arrival (both internet and cell reception).  Ask the host what type of internet connection they have, and what speeds you can expect at peak times (especially in rural areas).  Also ask if there is strong cell reception for your carrier, and if not, whether you can have access to a landline.  There’s nothing worse than spending your vacation in the parking lot of the public library, hunched over a laptop as you desperately refresh Outlook.
  1. Get a proper setup. A few key items make a world of difference: a big monitor, good keyboard, mouse, charging hub so you don’t need to sprint to the closest outlet when a call comes in. Don’t forget all those pesky cables! You can deconstruct your home office and pack all this gear yourself, or get a WFA Office Kit delivered to your door, hassle-free.
  1. Invest in making your workstation comfortable. Be sure you have a good comfy chair to sit in (even if this means dragging upholstered furniture across the house), with ample lighting. If you’re stuck with flimsy IKEA chairs, you can rent this amazing seat cushion from our site.
  1. Get dressed.  This may sound obvious, but a shocking number of survey respondents report working in their pajamas.  Putting on actual clothes helps to mentally delineate the start to your commute-free work day.  You can still wear elastic-waist pants, but make them fresh. You may not have to be business casual, but you can be close.
  1. Move that body. Skipping morning traffic or a crowded train is a big bonus, but walking a few feet from bed to desk won’t get you to 10,000 steps. All the greats can vouch for the power of a midday walk to reset, get new perspective, and feel re-energized.
  1. Treat yourself. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little extra now and then. Whether it’s carving out time for a midday power walk or knowing when it’s time for some R&R and a cocktail, self-care indulgences on vacation are very much in order.

Feeling ready for your workation? Ready to accelerate with a WFA Starter Pack.

Let us know when you land, and share your favorite tips and tricks! Ping us at, or DM on social @getportage if you want to learn more about our WFA Starter Pack.