Portable monitors are a great working from home (and entertainment) tool. They can be used alongside a computer screen to display multiple documents or presentation slides at the same time.  Gamers often use portable monitors to expand their field of vision while playing video games.  A portable monitor is also perfect for projecting images and videos from a mobile phone onto a larger screen.  

We reviewed dozens or portable monitors for your WFH setup and brought you the ten best.


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    • Touchscreen with Smart Pen
    • Powerful built-in speakers
    • Rechargeable battery

    This Asus Zenscreen monitor gives users everything they could ever want from a portable monitor.  The lightweight yet large screen is accompanied by a Smart Case which folds into a protective cover during travel. 

    The Smart Case can also be configured into numerous positions to change the orientation and viewing angle of the monitor.  Unlike most other portable monitors, the MB16AMT model is powered by an independent battery which carries a charge of four hours and never feeds off of the device to which the monitor is connected. 

    The touch screen quickly responds to various hand motions and the built in blue light filter makes it easier and safer to use for extended periods of time.  

    • Amazing resolution
    • Landscape or portrait modes
    • Touchscreen

    The UPERFECT portable monitor not only includes built in speakers and a lag-free gaming experience, but also offers a touch screen with a resolution that is better than every other monitor available.  With an overall rating of five stars, this monitor has nearly perfect reviews for picture quality and gaming. 

    Buyers praise how convenient the monitor is for travel and assert that the high resolution is well worth the price.  The screen automatically prevents the harmful flickering effect that can occur on digital screens while also filtering out a significant amount of blue light. 

    Before purchasing this portable monitor it is important to note that the touchscreen function will not work when connected to a Mac operating system later than Mojave.

    3 Lepow Portable Monitor

    Best Value
    • Affordable price
    • Flexible leather cover
    • Dual speakers

    This Lepow portable monitor is a well-rounded option for those who want more functions than the basic external monitor but do not need all the bells and whistles that come with the high end monitors. This monitor supports the most commonly used HDMI and USB C cables so users can easily connect to Macs, PCs, and popular gaming consoles. 

    The built in dual speaker system combined with HDR mode means audio-visual streaming is seamless.  Reviewers praise the portability of the magnetic folding case and note that the screen itself is not reflective and prevents glare effectively.

    The general consensus among buyers is that despite the fact Lepow is not a renowned manufacturer, this portable monitor’s capabilities are just as impressive as the leading brand’s, yet they are available at a much more affordable price. 

    • Portrait or landscape
    • Anti-blue light protector
    • Leather case

    With a 13.3 inch display this UPERFECT portable monitor is smaller than all of the other monitors on this list, so it is ideal for buyers who want the same high quality performance but will opt for a slightly smaller screen if it means they can save $100+. 

    This particular UPERFECT model is not a touch screen, so it is intended for projection purposes only.  Reviewers note that the full-size HDMI port establishes a more solid connection than the mini HDMI ports that are found on many other monitors.  The smaller screen is unique in that buyers can opt to use an ordinary office pen to display the monitor if they choose to travel without the leather case. 

    • Bluetooth connection
    • Keyboard and mouse connections
    • Leather case

    The Virzen portable monitor offers three modes of connection and display to suit both work and entertainment needs.  The monitor can mirror the screen of the connected device, it can be used as an independent display, and it can continue to function even when the connected device enters sleep mode.  Only one USB C connection is needed for power and display purposes. 

    Reviewers note that the quality of the built in speaker system is better than those in other portable monitors.  Buyers also suggest that the display quality is higher than their laptop screens which makes this monitor perfect for editing software such as Photoshop. 

    • 0.2 inches thick
    • Easily adjustable color
    • Mulit-port enables easy switch

    The Eviciv 4K portable monitor is simple to use and easy to carry anywhere.  The monitor can be powered and operated through a single connection to another device without the assistance of a downloaded driver.  The manufacturer boasts that its thin build resembles that of the most portable laptops and it can even be carried with just two fingers.  The screen emits very low levels of blue light so continued use will not strain your eyes.  The monitor can not only be used in both portrait and landscape orientations, but it can also be mounted to a more permanent stand or the wall in order to save desk space. 

    • Touchscreen
    • FreeSync eliminates lag
    • USB C and HDMI ports

    Viotek’s LinQ Touch portable monitor has touch screen capability, built in speakers, and a case which doubles as a stand all while being one of the lightest monitors available.  The manufacturers are so confident in their design that they offer three years of buyer protection and promise to replace any products that are not on par with the buyers expectations. 

    In almost all circumstances the device can be powered and operated with a single USB C connection, but a secondary USB connection can be established with another power supply as necessary.  The manufacturer suggests that users make sure their devices support DisplayPort over Alternative Mode (DP ALT-MODE) so that touch screen and single connection capabilities function properly. 

    It is worth noting that although Mac operating systems do support DP ALT-MODE, the touch screen will not work when this monitor is connected to Apple products.

    • Multiple connectivity options
    • Less than two pounds
    • Detachable stand

    The GeChic 1503H portable monitor boasts a wide range of compatibility options to fulfill user’s work and entertainment needs.  Multiple monitors can be connected to one laptop to optimize workplace presentations or one monitor can be connected to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo consoles for a more immersive gaming experience.

    The placement of the monitor’s ports in the back means that all cables are concealed while it is in use.  Additionally, the monitor does not demand much power and can be powered through a USB connection or a 5V 2A wall adapter.  Reviewers agree that while this monitor is one of the more expensive options on the market, its ability to connect to various devices and its overall portability makes it well worth the price.  

    • Portrait or landscape
    • High refresh rate
    • One-cable solution

    The Corprit Portable Monitor is compatible with common gaming systems, Raspberry Pi, Mac and PC computers, as well as Chromebook laptops.  The protective leather cover can be configured to display the monitor at various angles.  Without the touch screen option this monitor is ideal for buyers in search of a larger or secondary display. 

    The USB C compatibility means this monitor can connect directly to phones with the same port, but Apple iPhones will require a Lightning to HDMI convertor in order to connect.  It is also important to note that if the monitor is connected to a low power USB port or connected to a device through an HDMI port it will require a secondary source of power. 

    • Portrait or landscape
    • Large 15.6” viewing screen
    • Carrying case is included

    While the AOC e1659Fwu monitor is by far the most affordable portable monitor on this list, its design and function rivals every other high performance option on the market.  The maneuverable stand combined with the monitor’s thin construction makes it perfect for those who are always on the go or need to change their setup to fulfill different needs. 

    Additionally, multiple AOC monitors can easily be connected to one device at the same time to provide a multi-screen viewing experience.  The monitor is powered by USB connection, so users never have to worry about maintaining a charge or introducing yet another power cable to their workspace. 

    Reviewers of this product advise that it tends to work better for Mac systems with USB-C inputs.  If you use Windows 10 on your device it is suggested that you download a DisplayLink Driver for optimal compatibility. 

    The Best Portable Monitors: Buyer’s Guide

    There is much to consider when determining which portable monitor to buy. It is important to consider which one is the most compatible with your lifestyle, your devices, and most importantly, your projection needs. Portable monitors are designed to be light-weight, easy to transport, and flexible. Some are very basic and are simple displays. Others have touch screens and built-in speakers. Gamers in particular may want excellent speakers as high quality sound can create immersive playing experiences. The same is true for using a monitor specifically for work. I use a portable monitor to take video calls from quieter rooms or to create a more professional aesthetic.

    One rather simple question to ask yourself before reading any further is if you truly need a portable monitor or regular monitor. If you plan to mostly stay in one place, a stationary monitor makes the most sense as they are usually larger, more robust, and come with a deeper array of connectivity options. That being said, let’s dive into portable monitor questions for those who are on the move and know that a flexible and dynamic monitor is best suited for their office needs.

    Portable monitors, like traditional monitors, are largely made up of two things that will impact your viewing experience: the screen size and quality and the make of the monitor itself. In particular, some portable monitors have very high quality screens with dense pixelation. Others, which are often cheaper, offer less resolution and pixelation. This is to say nothing of another quality you should know about: the fit and finish of the casing. All portable monitors have a protective cover which makes them easy to transport and move. Some of these casings cover part of the screen and others are known as “thin bezel”.

    If you plan on keeping your portable monitor largely in your home office, I advise getting one with a thin bezel. This will give you more screen space and looks classier. If, on the other hand, you travel often with you monitor I would invest in a sturdier one with more plastic holding the screen and case together.

    How do you connect a portable monitor to your device?

    It is important to recognize that some monitors will work better with certain devices than others. Many portable monitors are built to connect to Android and iPhones, tablets, and personal computers.  And, remember that not all monitors have the same ports.  You may need to buy additional cables or converters in order for the monitor to function with your device.  Some of the monitors will not work with certain operating systems, even with converters and downloadable drivers, but incompatibility warnings are well-disclosed on the products’ Amazon pages and most are mentioned in this article.  Just be mindful of this as you might need to purchase a connector or plug adapter.

    How much do portable monitors cost?

    The price of a portable monitor largely depends on the extent of its capabilities.  Cheaper monitors are great for displaying two separate applications at the same time or for enlarging photos from your phone or for watching movies and shows.  The more expensive monitors have advanced features including touch screens, built in speakers, more ports, and blue light protection. Thus, they are intended for gaming, photography, editing, and extended use.  Regardless of price, all of the monitors suggested in this list promise to deliver extremely high definition images and are convenient for travel. 

    The final variable that drives price is the dexterity and resolution of the screen’s display. Any portable monitor with 1080p resolution is going to be as high quality as that of your phone. If you are doing a lot of graphics work or want to consume content (games, videos) in even higher resolution, you should confirm that the monitor has 2160p output. We have provided both good and great resolutions options in the list above.



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