Looking for a monitor wall mount to save your desk space? You’re in the right place!

Mounting your monitor above your desk and tucking in your cables will free up valuable workspace for you. Lets you work in a more organized and clutter-free environment.

With a cantilever wall mount, you can realign & adjust your monitor in more ways than one. Most of the wall mount models support tilt and swivel. So you can vertically and horizontally adjust your monitor. Some of the models also support rotation feature. Allowing you to switch between portrait and landscape modes depending on your needs.

 Adjusting the monitor will also let you find the most comfortable work position. And in the process, it reduces back pain, stress & fatigue. Minimizes eye strains as well.

You can also extend and retract most monitor arms. Adjust it as you prefer. These monitor wall mounts support a wide range of VESA mounting systems for maximum compatibilities.

Read our reviews below to find the best monitor wall mount for you!


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    • Highly adjustable.
    • Strong base
    • great extension & ascension

    Time for the WFH premium recommendation. It’s yet another AmazonBasics wall mount, only much improved and highly adjustable.

    With this AmazonBasics wall mount LCD monitor arm, you can put your monitor exactly where you want it. You can quickly take care of unnecessary clutters on your desktop by putting the monitor above. Also, you can easily adjust the mounting arm as you need for comfortably viewing your LCD monitor.

    The adjustments in turn reduce your shoulder, neck, & eye strains as well. This monitor arm can hold most flat LCD monitors sizing up to 32″. Supports a conventional 75 x 75 to 100 x 100 mm VESA mounting pattern for greater compatibility.

    Also, this monitor arm can extend up to 25″ horizontally and 13″ vertically. Use the fully flexible features to your advantage. As it matches the needs of most workspaces and individuals. Usable in the home, office, studios, & other industries alike.

    The monitor mount arm attaches to the wall with drilled screws. A 3/8 inch metal plate gives it a stable base of operation. Besides, the package contains all the mounting apparatus and kits as well as an installation manual.

    • Dual monitor wall mount
    • Gas spring arms
    • Holds displays up to 27 inches

    By showing more details and software right in front of your work space or desk, dual monitors boost efficiency. Dual displays, on the other hand, take up room and, if mounted improperly, will cause you to switch positions while viewing various screens. Two monitors can be mounted side by side on the wall using the Huffman Dual Height Adjustable Universal 2 Screen Wall Mount.

    You can move one of the monitors to portrait mode and the other to landscape mode using the 180-degree rotation. You can also tilt the displays towards each other to build an immersive view if you’re a gamer.

    The dual arm full motion design allows the monitors to tilt up and down, swivel left and right, as well as drive them towards the wall or stretch them away from it. You can place the monitors exactly where you want them.

    Easy-to-follow instructions and hardware for mounting the mount to the wall and monitors are included in the package. It should only take a few minutes to set up. Quick-detachable VESA plates make it easy to mount the monitors to the wall, attach the plates to your monitors, and then move the monitors onto the wall mount.

    This dual arm product is easy to install, fully adjustable, and comes with US based customer support.

    • Can carry up to 44 lbs
    • Moderate adjustable features
    • Black metallic body

    The VIVO full motion monitor wall mount has a sturdy steel body. It can comfortably carry up to 44 lbs. Well suited for screens sizing from 13″ to 27″.

    This monitor mount offers a generous amount of articulating fluid movements. It supports VESA 75 x 75 to 100 x 100 mm mounting system like for better compatibility with conventional monitors. Although make sure beforehand that your monitor is VESA compatible. 

    Moreover, you’ll find the adjustment features pretty useful. Supports +5° to -12° tilt angles & up to 90° max swivel (Left & right movement). However, you won’t be able to rotate your screen. 

    Also, the monitor arm can extend up to 10″ from the wall & retract back to 2″. Allows you neatly enough room for a comfortable adjustment.

    This monitor mount has an integrated cable management system. Organizes your work surrounding in a neat and ergonomic way. Also, declutters your desktop for increased working speed.

    Furthermore, the installation process is pretty simple. With the included step by step installation guide and other necessary materials, you can set it up within minutes.

    • Ergonomic design
    • Save desk space
    • Steel and aluminum material

    Weighing a light 4 pounds, the LCD Monitor Wall Mount is the perfect compliment to your monitor or screen that is wall mounted. I have never liked having a monitor on my desk as it takes up valuable real estate that I want for writing and my keyboard. The wall mount is a very useful tool for taking that monitor up and off the desk to free up space.

    This particular wall mount brings together many attributes that we love: it is durable, ergonomic, affordable, and made of the strongest materials. It can hold a monitor up to 27 inches but has a weight burying capacity of 15 pounds. Please ensure that your monitor weighs less than that before buying this product so that you don’t separate the hinges from your wall.

    The full flexibility and 360 degree rotation of this mount are hugely advantageous for those that are active throughout the day and want to avoid glare or move screens closer or further away.

    • Cost-effective
    • Carries up to 33 lbs
    • 360 rotation feature

    WFH recommends the WALI TV mount as a cost-effective & ergonomic mount. Make your monitor dynamic in a budget-friendly way while maintaining a decent look.

    This articulating full motion heavy-duty wall mount can uphold most 13″ to 30″ flat monitors. And the cantilever arm can easily carry up to 33lbs. Also, it supports conventional VESA 75 x 75 mm to 100 x 100 mm mounting system. 

    Moreover, this TV mount also comes with decent adjustability. You can tilt it from +15 degrees to -15 degrees. Also, you can swivel it up to 180 degrees. And unlike some stationary models, you can rotate your monitor by 360 degrees to switch between landscape & portrait mode. Enhanced viewing flexibility.

    Additionally, you can extend your monitor from the wall by a minimum of 2″ to a maximum of 15″. Saves space and the adjustability helps in compact spaces.

    The installation of this mount is also easy. However, do not mount it on a narrow & drywall. The removable VESA plate also makes the installation very convenient.

    Inside each package, you’ll find 1 x WALI Wall Mount, Mounting Hardware Kits, a User Manual, and 10 Years of protection.

    • Premium monitor wall mount
    • Weight capacity of 19.8 lbs
    • 90 degree monitor rotation

    If you want an easy to install wall mount that supports one monitor, has a weight capacity that up to nearly 20 pounds, and tilts 105 degrees, the Odalis Tilt Monitor Swivel Wall Mount will meet your needs.

    This wall mount has a short arm which means its closer to the wall and has less swivel flexibility. Nevertheless, the mount (and the monitor attached to it) can be moved. The mount itself only weighs 2.2 pounds which makes it easy to drill into your wall. 

    This particular mount is made of premium aluminum and fits up to a 30 inch display. The colors or silver and black match many work from home and industrial monitors. There is room for cable management as well which is a nice feature as you can wrap your excess cables through it to save space and clutter.

    • Tilt, Swivel & collapse
    • Extends up to 16.1 inches
    • Aluminum & steel body

    On top of our list, we have the AmazonBasics full-motion articulating wall mount. This compact TV wall mount can accommodate from 12 to 39-inch TVs, with a maximum carrying capacity of 40 pounds.

    The wall mount is made of high-quality heavy-duty aluminum and steel. Such a sturdy build allows it to easily carry large monitors.

    This full motion wall mount brings your monitors to life. You can extend, articulate, tilt, or swivel your monitor. You can also collapse it to install in compact spaces. It fits Fits VESA 200 x 200, 200 x 100, 100 x 100, and 75 x 75 mm mounting patterns. Also, you can remove the VESA plate from the wall-mount arm to install it by yourself.

    Moreover, the mount offers 18 degrees of tilt for adjusting your viewing angle (up & down). You can swivel it by 180 degrees as well. And the cable-management system will keep the cables organized and out of your way.

    The Articulating design of the stand extends up to 16.1 inches from the wall. It keeps the TV as close as 2.1 inches near the wall as well. 

    • Pneumatic adjustable arm
    • Cable management
    • 3 years warranty

    This wall mount monitor arm is different from other mounts because of its gas spring arm design. While the gas spring gives the arm more mobility, it cuts down on the carriage capacity.

    It can support monitors between 17″ and 27″ sizes. But the carriage capacity is slightly lower. About 14.3 lbs. But like other wall monitor mounts, this one also supports VESA 75 x 75 to 100 x 100 mm mounting system. So you can easily mount VESA compatible monitors on it

    Besides, this monitor wall mount clears up your desktop space by lifting the monitor, improves your posture, and niftily organizes the cables. 

    It also has some adjustable features. Supports +90° to -45° tilt angles (Vertical movement). Also supports up to 180° max swivel (horizontal movement). So, plenty of viewing angles for you. Adjust to your ultimate comfort.

    Inside the package, you’ll find necessary mounting hardware like mounting screws, washers, anchors, and VESA bolts. Also, there’s a cable management system that keeps cords out of sight.

    The product also comes with a 3 years manufacturer’s warranty as well as a friendly customer service.


    • Up to 30", 33 lbs capacity
    • Fully adjustable
    • 3 arms design

    The PERLESMITH full motion articulating wall mount is smartly designed with 3 strong cantilever arms. It can carry most monitors ranging from 13″ to 30″  screen sizes. Also, the arm can carry up to 33 pounds.

    Similar to competitive products, the monitor mount supports VESA 75 x 75 to 100 x 100 mm mounting holes system for greater convenience and compatibility. Make sure that your monitors are VESA compatible though. This unique monitor mount arm reduces clutter and gives you more room for other works. It tucks in the cables as well.

    Additionally, this wall mount is highly adjustable. You can vertically tilt the articulating arms from +15° to -15°. Also, you can swivel up to 180° as well. The swivel angle depends on screen size though. Moreover, you can rotate your screen by full 360°. Switch from landscape to portrait mode at any time. Also, it extends up to 14″ & retracts back to 2″. Realign, adjust, & make your viewing more enjoyable!

    Furthermore, the installation process is very simple. The package includes a step by step installation process as well as other necessary hardware/mounting materials. You can install it solely by yourself.

    However, do not mount it on drywall alone.

    • High quality and durable steel
    • Easy to mount
    • 22 pound weight capacity

    If you are working from home and need to mount a screen, monitor, or TV panel to a wall, you will need a durable, sleek, and easy to install wall monitor. This LCD Monitor Wall Mount performs that function.

    Firstly, it supports 1 screen and has a weight capacity of 22 pounds. If you have an older monitor or very large screen that is heavy, this is not the wall mount for you. If, however, your monitor is new and modern (and therefore sleek), this will do the trick and do it well.

    Secondly, it is advised that the screen you mount to this product be smaller than 26 inches. Again, this wall mount is not for heavy duty weights and sizes. Rather, it is for screens that require mobility as the mount has built in ergonomic flexibility.

    The arm reaches up to 11 inches and the mount weighs 4.4 pounds. You can easily rotate it, title it, or move it side to side if you are working and want to reduce glare or best see the screen ahead of you.

    • Can carry up to 44 lbs
    • Fully adjustable features
    • Easy to install

    The Pipishell full motion articulating wall mount supports most monitors between 13″ and 42″  screen sizes. The arm can carry up to 44 lbs as well. Also for greater convenience and compatibility, the monitor mount supports max VESA 200 x 200 mm mounting holes system.

    Like conventional mounting arms, this wall mount is highly adjustable. You can tilt (up & down) the articulating arms from +5° to -15° for anti-glaring. It also supports up to 180° max swivel (Left & right movement). Although, the swivel angle depends on screen size.

    Moreover, you can rotate your screen by 360° and swiftly switch from landscape to portrait orientation. It also extends up to 14.5″ & retracts back to 2.2″. Realign, adjust, & make your viewing or working more enjoyable!

    Besides, this compact monitor wall mount clears up your desktop space and gives you an organized, clutter-free table. Improve your posture as well with this ergonomic, easy to use wall mount arm.

    Additionally, you’ll find that the installation process is very simple. The package includes a step by step installation process as well as other necessary hardware/mounting materials. You can install it solely by yourself.

    Also, they have a friendly and interactive customer service. Feel free to communicate.

    • Compact design
    • Cable attachment system
    • Good adjustability

    Halfway through our list and we bring you the North Bayou articulating wall mount. It supports most monitors between 17″ and 27″. The ergonomic lever arm can carry up to 15.4 lbs. A bit on the lower side for sure, but still a good product if you know how to use it. 

    For compatibility, this monitor mount supports VESA 75 x 75 to 100 x 100 mm mounting system. Easily holds most standard monitors. Just make sure that your monitor is VESA compatible. 

    Also, this monitor wall mount clears up your desktop space by lifting the monitor and niftily organizing the cables. It improves your posture as well.

    Additionally, it has some useful adjustment features. Supports +35° to -50° tilt angles. It also supports up to 180° max swivel (Left & right movement). You can rotate your screen by 360° to switch between landscape and portrait modes as well.

    Moreover, it can extend up to 15.2″ from the wall & retract back to 3.4″. Adjust your viewing angle for comfortable work experience.

    The installation process is also very simple. The package includes a step by step installation process and other necessary materials. You can install it by yourself.



    • Very compact
    • Limited movement
    • 44 lbs, high load bearing

    Next on our list, we have the Mount-IT wall mount. It’s a very compact wall mount that doesn’t extract or retract much. Talk about minimalist design. However, it can comfortably support monitors between 19″ to 25″. It can also carry up to 44 lbs. 

    Like similar monitor arms, this wall mount also supports VESA 75 x 75 to 100 x 100 mm mounting system. Can hold most VESA compatible standard monitors. 

    Additionally, it has a few adjustable features. Allows you to tilt your monitor by 15-degrees. It also supports up to 30° swivel. However, it doesn’t seem to support 360° rotation like other wall monitor mounts. 

    Also, like competitive products, this mount can’t extend or retract. So movement is very limited there.

    This monitor wall mount lifts your monitor and clears up your desktop space by organizing the cables. 

    Also, the installation process is rather simple. The package includes a step by step installation process and other necessary materials. You can install it by yourself.

    However, the monitor comes with US-based customer support and 5-years warranty. This somewhat makes up for the lack of features.

    Buyer’s Guide for Monitor Wall Mounts

    You are working from home and want to mount a display – a TV, a monitor, or a computer – to a wall. Now what?

    Simple, buy a monitor wall mount. This is one of the simplest products to buy that adds the most immediate value upon installation.

    Wall mounts connect your computer display to your wall. As such, you don’t spend much time looking at the mount and many mounts actually look similar and are made of the same materials: plastic and metal.

    Why Buy A Wall Mount?

    It might seem overly simple but a wall mount connects your monitor to a wall so that you don’t need to place the monitor on your desk or work station. This saves you space, can look elegant, and offers you a different angle by which to see content on your display. Why does this matter?

    I have a wall mounted monitor that has data that I don’t need to look at every minute or hour. Rather, I need to look at the screen with periodic glances. I don’t want this monitor in my face all the time nor am I actively working on it. It’s more akin to a TV in the background. It has business relevant data and inputs but is not urgent to my day to day workflows. 

    Given this use-case a wall mount is a mission critical device. It connects to my wall and has hooks for my monitor. This enables me to declutter my workspace and move this monitor towards the wall. It still enables me access to view this screen which I greatly appreciated.

    How to Install

    If you decide to mount a monitor, you will first buy a wall mount. Some monitors are built for mounting, and others are not. If you are new to buying a monitor, make sure that the monitor you are evaluating can be mounted. This means it has hooks or screws to interact with a wall mount.

    Once you have identified the right monitor and mount products, you will need to look for the studs on your wall. This is imperative if your monitor is heavy (usually greater than 15 pounds) or very large (greater than 32 inches).

    You will want strong wall support and having the studs to support your display when give you a better and safe working experience.

    You will likely need a drill, a pair of pliers, a market, and screws to mount your monitor. This depends on the nature of the wall you are planning to drill into (wood, metal, brick) and its location in your home.

    If you don’t have these items you will need to borrow them or buy them first. Installation of a wall mount is easy but does require some pre-planning.

    Types of Wall Mounts

    Basically there are two types of wall mounts: those that are simple mounts and those that enable you to move your monitor around with an arm after its mounted. For the most basic use-case, a simple fixed wall mount will likely serve you well. This type of wall mount is akin to a picture frame. It goes up and stays at the same pace. Both are compatible with just about all monitors, even curved computer monitors.

    The second type of wall mount is the more flexible arm mount. This enables the monitor to come off the wall and move around. This is ideal for people who need to examine their screens more closely. 

    When deciding what type of wall mount to get, think about your use-case, the size of your monitor, and if having a mobile mounted display is helpful to you.

    Why I love a monitor wall mount

    There are three reasons why I love my wall mount and you will come to love yours too:

    1. I love that it reduces clutter on my desk. By taking a monitor off my desk I save space, declutter, and open my workspace up. I love that feeling.
    2. I love that I am forced to look and move around. My wall mounted monitor is above my desk. This forces me to stand up and look at it periodically. This stretch break is good for my health. It helps my posture and gets my blood flowing.
    3. Lastly, I love that it uses my wall space more effectively. My wall now has a useful product on it as opposed to simply standing empty. If you have more than one monitor, a triple monitor stand is likely your best bet for doing even more effective work.

    Conclusion: Get a Wall Mount and Enjoy It

    If you want to buy a wall mount, know that they are similar in price, similar quality, and similar in the weights they support. There are some slight differences here to be mindful of and you should align your buying strategy with your actual monitor and your needs. If you want a mobile mount that enables an arm like range of motion for your display, but that model of mount.

    You can’t go wrong with any of these products and its my hope that your new mount will open up space for you and ensure that your environment is even better for remote office work.


    Pam Wiselogel
    Pam Wiselogel

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