We reviewed the best standing desk converters to improve your work from home setup. If you already have a desk and would like to convert it to a standing desk, a standing desk converter is the perfect tool to help you do so. These converters vary in size as well as electric versus manual lifting capabilities. But either way, it’s a great way to avoid sitting all day.


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    • Ergonomic design
    • Sleek
    • Sturdy

    The Stand Steady X-Elite Pro Standing Desk Converter helps turn your desk into a more functional piece of home office work equipment. You can easily lift and lower the standing desk converter; it is light and easy to move. This desk is an ergonomic dream and will prevent your lower back from hurting. The sleek and sturdy design will complement your desk, enabling you to do your best work.

    • Extra spacious
    • Easy adjustments
    • Durable

    The width of this converter is what really stands out: 47 inches of width gives you the space you need to power two monitors while standing or sitting. The smooth and easy single-handed design makes it simple and safe to lower the device up and down. The full size keyboard trade is a delight; you won’t need to crop your hands while typing. This is a great, premium product for the busy at home professional.

    • Easy to adjust
    • Ships fully assembled
    • 1 Year Warranty

    If you are looking for a no frills standing desk converter, this no frills desk by Halter will serve you well. Firstly, the product comes fully assembled. All you need to do is take it out of the box and place it on your desk. How great is that? It also comes with a 1 Year Warranty so if you are not happy, Halter has your back. This product does exactly what you want from a converter: it enables you to work standing up and to easily lower it when desired.

    • Great for Home Offices
    • Adjustable height options
    • Secure

    The VeriDesk is great for the home office. It can turn any desk into a more flexible standing desk, enabling you to work while standing. This desk has room for a monitor, mouse, and keyboard – even a cup of coffee. Your productivity will increase because this desk gives you more flexibility. The anti-pitch adjustable height allows you to raise your laptop, saving you space and enhancing your comfort while working.

    • Minimal assembly
    • Spacious
    • Strong

    The VIVO Black Height Adjustable 36 inch Desk Converter is strong, durable, sleek, and nearly fully assembled right out of the box. You will need to place this beauty of a converter on your desk and you will be good to go. You can stand instantly, generate the spacious surface you need to work, and feel confident that it’s durability (up to 33 pound of lift) will serve you very well.

    • Electric lift
    • Great value
    • Ergonomic design

    This electric desk converter has a sleek design, an electrical lift to save you from doing any manual work, and will enhance your productivity. This standing desk is very rewarding to use and of great value; it looks beautiful and has a stunning vertical shaft that reduces space wasted. The electric lift makes it easy to improve your ergonomic comfort while working.

    • Fully electric
    • Spacious
    • World-class quality

    The VersaDesk is fully electric: you can adjust the height of your desk converter with the click of a button and go from standing to sitting or vice versa in seconds. Because you can adjust the setting so easily, you will always be comfortable. The tiers are spacious and have room for large laptop screens and monitors. The convert moves gracefully with the push of a button and the quality – a caron steel frame – is sleek.

    • Electric Converter
    • Spacious surface area
    • Dual-layer design

    If you want a high end desk converter – and want the product to be fully electric, with plenty of space for your computers and monitors, and care about having a sturdy frame – then this desk converter will serve you well. The steel frame combines elegance with power and control. The electric settings will give you more time to focus on work and physical comfort and less time playing around with the height of the device: it will just work. The spacious and generous work area will enable dual monitors and plenty of extra room for your office supplies.

    What To Consider When Buying A Standing Desk Converter

    Perhaps you are buying a desk converter because you have read about the health benefits of standing up while working. Maybe your lower back hurts too often. Or maybe you don’t have the room for a standing desk but want to be up on your feet throughout the day. Regardless of your motivation, a desk converter is a simple and elegant solution that turns a traditional normal desk into a more dynamic and mobile standing desk.

    When considering if a desk converter is right for you, think about your day to day work-flow. Do you want to stand at times? Do you have a traditional seated desk? If so, a converter can likely provide you a whole lot of flexibility and happiness. 

    Types of Standing Desk Converters

    There are a few very popular types of desk converters. Firstly, there are electric and manual converters. Secondly, there are hover and riser products. Hover, as the name implies, stands at the same height throughout the day. Riser products, in contract, can easily go up and down with you. These options make for small differences in your experiences, but you should optimize for what is best for your body and your work needs.

    We provide reviews for both manual and electric converters as well as hover and riser products. So go ahead and take a look and see what suits your needs best. In general electric converters are a bit more expensive and need to be closer to an outlet. On the other hand it sure is nice to lift and lower a converter with the simple push of a button.

    Room to spare and size

    The most important variable to consider is how high you want the converter to be and how wide you want its width. If you have two monitors, for example, you will need a converter that can carry both up and down. If you use just your laptop, a narrow converter will likely do the trick. 

    A converter is great at saving space. Some people keep their converters on their desks at all times and go up and down with it. For other people, they like to take their converters off their desks to free up desk space. If you plan to frequently move your converter, you will likely want one that weighs less.

    Not only should you consider the size of the converter, you should think about the converter relative to the size of your desk and room. Some converters are sleek and small and help you stand while working. Others are, essentially, small desks unto themselves.

    Is your floor flat?

    A hugely helpful part of having a good converter experience is that the surface you are typing on (i.e. the legs of your desk) are flat. Before purchasing a converter confirm that your desk doesn’t wobble. If it does, it will make it harder to use the converter and to type effectively while standing.

    Evaluate Installation Complexity and Design

    We have reviewed a number of excellent converters that work right out of the box. You simply need to undo the packaging and place the converter on your work table or desk and you are good to go. Some converters, however, require more manual set-up and assembly. You may need access to tools to put the unit together. Decide if you want to take these steps or if you do not care. Lastly, the biggest difference between converters is what they look like. You alone can decide if the color, material, and fit and finish of a converter will make sense for your workstation or home office.

    In conclusion, we have provided a number of excellent desk converters to you. Which one you select will be determined by some of your basic workstation needs. Many converters are in a similar price band and all provide essentially the same functionality. This should put you at ease. Focus on what they look like, how easy they are to assemble, and the experience you want. The general rule is that if you have more screens you will need a bigger converter. More screens also means more weight burying capacity. Make sure that the convert you chose can support the weight of your computer, keyboard, mouse, and monitors easily.

    What is a Desk Converter?

    A desk converter is a smaller desk that you place on a fixed surface (usually a desk or table) that performs a transformation of that desk so that you can easily stand while working. A desk converter can revolutionize your current desk environment and make it more flexible and dynamic and enable you to stand easily.

    What types of Desk Converters Are There?

    Some desk converters are manual: you lift a latch or release a handle to increase the height of the converter. Other converters are electric: you push a button to electronically increase the height or lower the desk. If you want to stand while working, a desk converter will enable this outcome. Your options include manually lifting the desk or lowering it, or having that process done electronically.

    Are Desk Converters Cost Effective?

    Yes. Converters are almost always cheaper than standing desks and require less space. Instead of having to buy an entirely new desk (and replace your old one) you can simply buy a converter and transform your desk the way you see fit. Because desk converters are cost effective, small, and easy to use, they tend to be very popular with home office workers who want the health benefits of standing without the pain and costs of replacing an entire desk.


    Kevin is a WFH veteran. He has spent the better half of the past decade traveling the world while working remotely. Kevin has recently settled down and stopped traveling frequently, but continues to work from home and has created a spectacular home office. He loves reviewing new products for his office and sharing his insights so that people can improve their home office experience.

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