How Franchises Work And How You Can Get Started

Starting any business can be a challenging and risky venture. You could find yourself running out of money, being unable to secure investors, making the wrong decisions on products, or entirely missing out on securing the marketplace and losing to your competitors before you can find success.

This last risk is quite common for businesses that struggle to create a recognisable and enticing brand for customers, as marketing can be very difficult to get right, especially today. One type of business that doesn’t cause this worry is a franchise. Here we’re going to discuss exactly how and why these work, and how you can get involved.

What Is A Franchise?

Franchises are popular choices for new business owners, primarily because they are secure. Essentially, a franchise is a business that allows other companies to purchase their license and operate using their brand and business model. The companies that purchase the license are known as franchisees and have to follow the rules and regulations of the overall franchise, functioning as though they were the same entity.

This means that, while they will have to give a portion of their profits or a regular fee over to the franchisor as part of the deal, the franchisee will have all the benefits of trading and operating using a ready-made, well-known brand and a tried and tested business model. This cuts out a lot of hard work at the start of running a new business, as there is no need for trial and error or creating your own marketing content, as it will all be supplied to them by the franchisor.

How To Find A Franchise

Before you begin to look for a franchise, you should first identify which industries you’d be interested in working in. There are so many franchise opportunities out there, across many different industries from food and catering to training and cleaning services.

You’ll also want to do your research into whether or not the area you want to set that business up has needs for it. Once you’ve done sufficient research, you can search for a franchise for sale in your chosen industry via advertising sites like Franchise Local.

They have a wide array of different businesses that require varying amounts of investment for you to get started with their franchise, so take your time to find one that suits you.

What To Avoid

While the decision is ultimately down to you, we would recommend steering clear of some types of businesses. First of all, you should avoid businesses that are struggling financially.

There is a strong possibility that the only reason they’re selling their license to franchisees is that they’re doing it for financial help. This suggests that they may have a poor business model, and if they can’t survive as a single entity without franchisees, you might find that you’ll struggle to turn much of a profit too.

There are many red flags when it comes to searching for a franchise to buy but it might also be worth avoiding any businesses that are quite small or haven’t been around for long. While they might have a great business model, they have yet to prove themselves successful in the long term. 


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