10 Tips To Hire on Indeed (And What It Costs)

What is your best tip for hiring on Indeed? 

To help you hire on Indeed, I asked hiring managers and experienced recruiters this question for their best ideas. From pre-screening candidates to filling out your profile completely, there are several tips that may help you in hiring good prospects on Indeed. 

Here are 10 tips for hiring on Indeed:

  • Pre-screen Candidates
  • Post Detailed and Specific Job Descriptions
  • Sponsor Your Job Posts
  • Send Tests Or Assignments to Applicants
  • Update Your Company Page
  • Make Your Posts Searchable With Keywords
  • Post Salary Ranges
  • Take The Time To Be Kind
  • Avoid Lengthy Job Descriptions
  • Fill Out Your Profile Completely

Pre-screen Candidates

Interviewing aspirants could be extensive, but using a pre-screening process before the interview will help you hire the right candidate on Indeed. This method helps narrow your candidate list down. It’s conducted over the phone; such calls will assess whether the candidates fulfill all your requirements. Often, a company’s HR professionals handle this task. You can utilize the information obtained through this job assessment to define the vital qualifications to discuss during the call. Such questions might seek details regarding a candidate’s interest in the role and experience, salary expectations, and coveted work environment.

Caroline Lee, CocoSign

Post Detailed and Specific Job Descriptions

A great tip I have for hiring on Indeed is to make a very detailed, specific job description when posting the job. It’s never a good thing to be vague when describing the job’s responsibilities, duties, pay, and projects. This can lead to people who are underqualified, or overqualified, to apply and slow down the hiring process because they aren’t sure if the position would be a good fit or not. Make sure you’re outlining all the responsibilities and requirements of the role well, along with the location and working conditions. It’s also very important to emphasize the culture of the organization. Most candidates will likely be brought to your post because of the title but draw them in and interest them with reasons why they would want to work for your company!

James Burati, 1-800-PackRat

Sponsor Your Job Posts

Sponsored job listings inevitably have better success rates than free posts given their potential to reach candidates that are an ideal match for your requirements. While it may be tempting to use Indeed’s free feature, a little extra investment on your part will yield high-quality leads. This works especially well if you’re looking to fill up job positions urgently and can speed up your hiring efforts as a result.

Harry Morton, Lower Street

Send Tests Or Assignments to Applicants

Indeed offers a series of tests that you can give each job applicant. Choose a test or an assignment that relates to the specific role you’re hiring for. For instance, if you’re a web developer, you may want to send applicants an assignment that tests their coding skills. These tests are great at weeding out ok candidates from great candidates.

Isaiah Henry, Seabreeze Management

Update Your Company Page

Ensure that your company has an updated Company Page on Indeed. Share what your company does, its purpose and values, some photos and quotes from employees etc. The Company Page is your best way to give candidates a glimpse into what it is like to work for your company.

Scott Baker, Stage 3 Leadership

Make Your Posts Searchable With Keywords

Make sure to use relevant keywords in your job titles and your job descriptions so that the right candidates will be able to find your job postings. For instance, marketing positions should include the specific kinds of marketing tools that candidates should be required to have experience with, so that those searching for jobs with these tools will find these job ads. This is a huge factor in receiving quality applications.

Drew Sherman, RPM

Post Salary Ranges

When hiring on Indeed, post the salary. A quick perusal of the platform shows that many employees post salary ranges. This number is a common search attribute candidates use to find jobs. In fact, this tip is standard best practice for the job search. A lack of transparency about pay tends to be a major frustration to job seekers. When you are upfront about pay, you attract candidates willing to work for your budget. When you withhold those numbers until the final stages of the hiring process, then you risk wasting everyone’s time, as the applicant is likely to drop out of the process if presented with a non-workable figure. Applicants who do accept these terms out of desperation are likely to leave the company at the first available opportunity. If you do not want to reveal an exact figure, then at least post a realistic range.

Carly Hill, Virtual Holiday Party

Take The Time To Be Kind

Send a thank you email to all who apply via the site, whether they’re offered employment or not. Indeed allows employers the option of personalizing their job posting with links to additional questions and more.  Answering said questions can be time consuming and exhausting. You’ll establish a reputation as a kind company that respects every candidate’s time and efforts.

Michael Van, Furnishr

Avoid Lengthy Job Descriptions

Sometimes less is more. In a similar vein as general marketing principles these days, we’ve found that publishing elaborate job descriptions seldom leads to enough candidate applications simply because people these days don’t have as much patience to read verbose job ads. It’s also less appealing to have long descriptions because it overwhelms people with the looming workload before they even step through the organization’s doors. Too many particular requirements also make hiring managers seem to be nitpicky and demanding micromanagers, driving away potential talent. While it’s great to be forthcoming with your expectations, save it for the interview to discuss the role in further detail. The interview also allows you to tailor the role to the interests and capabilities of the individual candidate to bring out the best in them, making it a win-win situation for both employee and employer.

Trendy Tan, QuickHR

Fill Out Your Profile Completely

Be sure to fill out your profile completely, and make sure your experience and skills match the job you’re applying for. In addition, make sure your profile has a professional photo. A photo with a group of friends might be fun, but it won’t make you stand out as a candidate when applying for a job. You can also use Indeed’s recommendation feature to help you land a new job.

Eugene Chimpoy, Church Helper


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