Anti Fatigue Comfort Floor Mat by Sky Mats

If you stand at your desk for a couple of hours a day, having a standing mat makes a really big difference in comfort. This has been tried and proven – chefs for instance have standing matts throughout the kitchen since they are cooking on their feet for multiple hours each day/night. This mat by Sky Mats will feel like you’re standing on a cloud, and it will be a night and day difference for you once you try it. We also like it because it comes in various sizes and colors, and for its stylish design. 


Kevin is a WFH veteran. He has spent the better half of the past decade traveling the world while working remotely. Kevin has recently settled down and stopped traveling frequently, but continues to work from home and has created a spectacular home office. He loves reviewing new products for his office and sharing his insights so that people can improve their home office experience.

Work From Home Adviser
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