What is Imposter Syndrome Infographic

Are you feeling like a fraud? Confidence in your professional life can be hard to come by, and yet it’s so essential for success. Imposter Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon that affects both men and women but studies show that the numbers are drastically higher among female entrepreneurs.

Millions of women entrepreneurs experience feelings of insecurity and self-doubt commonly referred to as “imposter syndrome.” From struggling with comparisons to worrying about failure, it can be hard to stay motivated and focused on achieving success when those negative thoughts creep in.

But fear not! Our Overcome Imposter Syndrome infographic breaks down what imposter syndrome is exactly, how it impacts us, and – most importantly – how we can use simple strategies for overcoming these debilitating doubts.

Read on to learn more about what Imposter Syndrome is, how it can manifest itself, and some tips on how to combat it with confidence.

Infographic on What is Imposter Syndrome

Want to dig deeper into Imposter Syndrome? Listen to Pam Wiselogel’s podcast interview with Brave Looks Good On You.

Pam Wiselogel
Pam Wiselogel

Hi, I'm Pam! A corporate girl turned entrepreneur who has been working from home for over 20 years and loving it. From a corporate IT Director to an online business owner, I found success while working remotely (sometimes in my PJs). I've been able to find balance in life and career and love to share what I've learned with others. With my master's degree in software engineering and a career in technology, my drive is to help others learn how to bypass the hurdles and technology challenges to gain the confidence to build the dream business they've always wanted to reach financial freedom. My work has been quoted on Forbes, Bloomberg, European Business Review, Hive, and Business Partner Magazine to name a few. Click my little head above to read all of my posts!

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