Video Marketing: Production Tips From the Pros

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular as an effective way to reach a wide audience and promote products, services, or ideas. As video production becomes more accessible to the general public, it’s important for those entering the world of video marketing to understand how professionals create high-quality videos that engage viewers.

From finding the right equipment and software to properly lighting a scene and editing the footage together seamlessly, there are many tips from experienced videographers that can help you get started in creating professional content. In this article, we will explore some of these tips so you can take your video marketing efforts up a notch!

Two ladies making a video in home studio

Invest in Quality Video Marketing Equipment and Software

Most professional video makers understand that the quality of your equipment and software can make a huge difference in the quality of the final product. While some budgets may be limited, this is an area you should consider investing in if you want to produce top-notch videos.

Investing in good cameras, lighting equipment, microphones, and editing software will ensure you have all the tools you need to create professional-looking videos. And if you are near London, for example, and want to ensure quality videos, hiring local professionals that specialize in video production, like Square Daisy, would help you get the best quality equipment for the job.

Hiring professional companies for video production might cost more, but the results you get will be worth every penny. Especially if you don’t have, or cannot currently afford high-quality equipment.

Record Audio Separately

When recording video, it’s important to remember that sound is just as important as visuals, so it’s essential to get clean audio for your videos. To do this, you should record the audio separately during filming and then sync it with the footage in post-production.

Separate audio recordings can help reduce background noise and make editing easier in post-production. Additionally, if you plan to use music in your video, it’s best to purchase the rights to that music so there are no copyright issues down the line.

Edit Your Clips Together Seamlessly

After you’ve collected all of your footage, it’s time to start editing. While this may seem daunting at first, professional video makers follow a few key tips when piecing clips together.

First, they watch through their clips multiple times to get an idea of the structure and flow. Then they select the best takes and arrange them in their desired order. Finally, they cut the clips together in a way that transitions smoothly from one shot to the next. In post-production, you can also add various effects like color correction and filters for an even more polished look. 

Leverage Graphics, Animation, and Effects for Added Interest

Graphic elements, animations, and special effects can take a video to the next level. These elements give you the opportunity to creatively express yourself while enhancing the overall look and feel of your videos. They also provide an effective way to showcase data or information that would otherwise be difficult to explain through words alone. When used correctly, these visual enhancements can help tell a story or make an otherwise boring video more interesting for viewers. 

If you are just getting started in the world of video marketing, these tips from experienced professionals can help you create top-notch videos. By investing in quality equipment and software, recording audio separately, editing your clips together seamlessly and leveraging graphics, animation, and effects for added interest, you can create captivating content that will engage and entertain your audience.

Remember that it takes time to perfect the art of video making – practice makes perfect! With hard work and dedication, you can produce videos that look professional and captivate your viewers.

Pam Wiselogel
Pam Wiselogel

Hi, I'm Pam! A corporate girl turned entrepreneur who has been working from home for over 20 years and loving it. From a corporate IT Director to an online business owner, I found success while working remotely (sometimes in my PJs). I've been able to find balance in life and career and love to share what I've learned with others. With my master's degree in software engineering and a career in technology, my drive is to help others learn how to bypass the hurdles and technology challenges to gain the confidence to build the dream business they've always wanted to reach financial freedom. My work has been quoted on Forbes, Bloomberg, European Business Review, Hive, and Business Partner Magazine to name a few. Click my little head above to read all of my posts!

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