How Has Cloud Computing Paved The Way For Remote Workers

Cloud computing has paved the way for remote workers to be more productive than ever before. Cloud computing, which enables people to access and use their files from any device, is appealing to today’s workforce. Employees are no longer tethered to a desk in the office; they can work in any location as long as there is a secure internet connection. In fact, with cloud computing becoming more popular, companies are hiring twice as many remote employees as in the past few years! 

This article will discuss how cloud computing has led to an increase in remote employees and why it is beneficial for both employers and employees alike.

What Is Cloud Computing And How Does It Work 

Cloud computing is a set of interconnected systems that provide online services. Cloud computing can be delivered in public, private, and hybrid shapes. Public cloud services are offered to the general public with no upfront costs; however, user data may be accessible to the public. Private cloud services are operated behind the company firewall with restricted access to only those with certain authentication levels or credentials. Did you know that hybrid cloud services use a mix of the two where some applications and data reside in the public cloud while others reside on private enterprise servers? With cloud computing, users are not tied to specific hardware or applications. A user may access his or her files from any computer provided there is an internet connection. Cloud computing is appealing to today’s workforce because it allows employees to work anywhere in the world as long they have a secure internet connection.

What Is Cloud-Based Software?

A cloud-based computing software is a type of software that is hosted on third-party servers (i.e., an internet service provider, a public cloud service provider) and accessed by multiple users over the internet. Users can pay to use the service for a fixed period or subscribe to a monthly or annual plan to get more affordability. 

Cloud computing software providers offer different features with their software. Popular features include syncing of files from one location to another, real-time backup of data, and offsite storage. Another use case of cloud-based software is website and application hosting: there are many different types of hosting available, but cloud hosting offers a scalable flexibility that other solutions such as VPS hosting typically don’t (this Cloudways guide on Cloud vs VPS Hosting provides a detailed breakdown).

But, something called cloud-based manufacturing software really caught our eye. This type of software is used to connect discrete digital assets in the cloud, giving users open access regardless of their location or time zone.

Most cloud-based computing programs are accessible through web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, which means you do not need any additional device drivers in order to access them.

By using these types of software, you can save money and improve your productivity while also being able to work from anywhere. You no longer have to pay for big office space and hire employees just so you can keep your company name out there — you can do all this from your luxury yacht around the world!

Why Is There An Increase In Remote Employees 

Many companies are opting to hire remote employees because they find it both more cost-effective and more efficient. This is especially true for those who have just entered the workforce or have families and want to spend more time at home.

This new trend is because there is a lot of competition in the labor market, which means companies can attract some of the best talents by offering flexible work schedules. Hiring remote workers has also become easier because many of them use cloud computing, and this eliminates traditional office space needs.

Benefits Of Being A Remote Worker Or Employer

There are many benefits to working remotely. Some of the benefits of remote workers include:

  • Increased productivity: Working from home or another location that is not the office makes it so that employees have more leisure time in their life, which means they can spend more time on work. In fact, by working from home remotely, people are able to take care of family needs and address other personal work requirements simultaneously.
  • Flexibility: People who work from home or in a different location have much greater flexibility in their schedules. They can take additional time off when they need it while still getting paid for their labor. This is because instead of being tethered to an office desk all day long, they can work when and where they need to. They can set their own temperatures, work hours, and schedules based on what they need and value.
  • During the day, employees enjoy getting up and having breakfast while still in their pajamas. They can put on a bathrobe or shorts at night and take a walk outside without having to go through the hassle of changing clothes. With this flexibility comes the ability for them to be more productive and work more hours every week, which employers love about remote workers.
  • Compensation: Working remotely often pays better than being an office employee as well. Many companies are able to offer higher salaries because there is no overhead cost associated with paying for rent on an office building, utilities, or hiring full-time employees who will not always meet productivity expectations.

Cloud computing and cloud-based software has paved the way for remote employees. It is no longer necessary to live near an office or commute long distances to work in order to be productive, as there are a number of ways that people can access their files from any device with an internet connection. 

The benefits of being a remote worker include increased productivity, flexibility with schedules, better compensation rates than those who work in offices full time, and much more. If you’ve been considering becoming a remote employee but aren’t sure how it would affect your family life or social standing among friends, don’t worry! There are many potential perks when working remotely, such as having time off during afternoons for errands or personal appointments.


Fred splits his corporate time between the office and his WFH office. He believes that a few days of working remotely is a great way to boost productivity and employee happiness. Fred started WFH Adviser in order to share insights and products with people who are beginning their WFH journey.

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